Message in a Cake is a project by Daniel Wilkens.

Daniel Wilkens is a biologist and designer living and operating in Mettmann and Essen, Germany.
He researched on Human Papillomaviruses and than decided to rather create things than to do research on things. During his Industrial Design studies at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen he started to work on 3d-printed food. He is also passionate about designing furniture and collecting stuff. As the inventor of 3d-printed cakes he is one of Germany's 3d-foodprinting pioneers.
With the help of the 3D-printer he is able to print individual images on every piece of a small marble cake. Cutting the cake piece by piece it reveals its enclosed mystery. Be it a comic-strips, a love-message, or the names of the invited guests the cake becomes a storyteller.